Spotify bundled with Hulu in subscription offer

Spotify bundled with Hulu in subscription offer

They could save a few dollars by buying the bundle instead of subscribing to both services separately. Hulu, the streaming giant, who is now producing award-winning programming like Handmaid's Tale is teaming up with the streaming music service Spotify and offering a new monthly package for $12.99 a month.

The plan will put your Spotify Premium and Hulu accounts on one bill.

If you want to test things out, existing Spotify Premium subscribers can take advantage of a special introductory offer by upgrading their existing Premium plan to Spotify Premium, now with Hulu.

Spotify is available in 61 countries and has a user base of 159 million, including ad-supported free listeners. After the 3 months are up, you can either cancel or automatically upgrade to the Hulu Spotify bundle, charged at a rate of $12.99. Even when the price increases to the full $12.99 per month, it's far less than paying for both on their own. Note that this deal is only valid for now paying Spotify listeners.

Hulu's Limited Commercials plan normally costs $8 a month, while Spotify costs $10, so this deal could save you $5 a month.

Unfortunately the Spotify Hulu bundle is only being offered to current Spotify Premium customers.

The potential for new subscribers from the deal gives Spotify the chance to match subscriber gains made by Apple Music.

Spotify said the student offer was "incredibly well received".

Hulu's senior VP Tim Connolly agrees that the services Hulu offers dovetail nicely with Spotify.

Spotify (NYSE:SPOT) is planning a new version of its free streaming music service in a first move since its public listing, Bloomberg reports.