Officers in THP's 'bus tour' crack down on distracted driving

Officers in THP's 'bus tour' crack down on distracted driving

"Distracted driving is just as unsafe as drinking and driving in the commonwealth", said Virginia Deputy Transportation Secretary Quintin Elliott at a Commonwealth Transportation Board meeting last month.

As National Distracted Driving Awareness Month begins, AAA Texas is launching a new, multi-year initiative that aims to reduce deaths and injuries as a result of cell phone use by drivers.

This year, they plan to do the same.

"If, on the interview, they answer their phone, that's a good sign they're going to do it while driving for you". They can tap or swipe their phone if it's mounted in a secure place in their vehicle.

A Perth driver has been busted using their mobile phone while driving along Mounts Bay Road, this time during the double demerits period over Easter.

Regardless of the season, distracted driving is always an issue and Farrell said the police are working hard to crack down on the problem.

It's an area that has seen almost 130 injury crashes and three fatalities just in the last two years and all tied to some form of distracted driving.

Ross stated that if anyone has to see a text message while driving, pull over before responding to the message.

"Distracted driving is a growing threat as too many drivers are ignoring their responsibilities behind the wheel", said KOHS Executive Director Dr. Noelle Hunter.

RAC spokesman Patrick Walker said inattention was comparable to speeding and drink-driving as a leading cause of road trauma and it was frightening that more than half of the motorists aged 17 to 21 surveyed had admitted using their phone while driving.

Arkansas law prohibits the use of a hand-held cell phone for texting, typing, email or accessing the internet while driving, regardless of the driver's age.

"A lot of the companies I work with have an annual review process making sure drivers are reading policy and procedures", he said. "Our hope is that by taking the pledge to drive safely, people will be more committed to staying focused on the road, knowing how easy it is for distracted driving to become a unsafe habit". "Someone could run in front of you, cars move quickly so we have to make sure we pay attention". Never call, text or play games while walking or cycling.