Trump's legal team shakeup may indicate a change in strategy

Trump's legal team shakeup may indicate a change in strategy

On Thursday, John Dowd resigned from the team, three days after it was announced that Trump had hired Joseph diGenova.

Another of Trump's lawyers, Jay Sekulow, confirmed Dowd's resignation and praised his former colleague. Mr. Trump said he "would like to" testify, in a brief exchange with reporters.

Multiple sources told CNN that the President is convinced he needs to take more control of his legal strategy as Mueller's investigation is intensifying.

The main disagreement was that Dowd has persistently tried to get Trump to be nice to Mueller and Trump refuses to be nice to Mueller.

Hours later, Dowd reversed himself, saying he was speaking in his personal capacity and not for the president.

The bottom line is that Trump won't be hurt in any serious way if Mueller can't show there was collusion, and after all this time there's no reason in the world to believe he can or will show that.

He charged that the investigation "manufactured" and based on "fraudulent and corrupt" evidence. Heretofore, Trump's lawyers have offered to take questions in writing, or restrict the scope of questions by producing documents of interest to the ongoing inquiry. It will be sent to the intelligence community for redactions on Monday at the earliest, he added - that being the deadline for Democrats to submit a statement of the minority's view, which will be included in the final product.

The source told Fox News that when one attorney at a firm is retained, the entire firm is retained, and when one attorney has a conflict, the entire firm as a conflict, pointing to Ted Olson. That tends to happen during what Cotter called "tipping points" in a case.

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Dowd had considered stepping down in the past over his inability to control Trump’s outbursts The New York Times reported

Dowd had voiced strong opposition to the president doing an interview with Mueller.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said this week that the tweets were a reflection of Trump's frustration with the process of the investigation. She said the White House did not think firing Mueller would be "the most productive step forward".

Both diGenova and Toensing regularly offer legal analysis on Fox News, and Sherman says that Trump is bringing them on because he's chose to go to war with special counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

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"John Dowd is a friend and has been a valuable member of our legal team".

Cobb, the White House lawyer for the investigation, came aboard about the same time as Dowd and Sekulow, and advocated for cooperating with the special counsel. "He partnered with Jay Sekulow who is still onboard and working diligently".

The FBI is headed by lawyer and Trump appointee Christopher Wray, who past year replaced James Comey, whom the president fired in May.

Trump has approached other lawyers to join, too.