What's on center stage at the CES tech show? Your voice

What's on center stage at the CES tech show? Your voice

Sales of smart speakers are expected to almost double in the U.S., to $3.8 billion, from previous year according to Lesley Rohrbaugh and Steve Koenig, researchers with the Consumer Technology Association, which organizes the annual CES trade event.

"The first augmented-reality glasses with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant will be shown next week at CES in Las Vegas - manufactured by a 75-employee company rather than the e-commerce giant's growing devices division", reports Bloomberg.

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That said, it could be a slower year for autos at CES, as it seems a many carmakers are holding big announcements for the Detroit Auto Show (or North American International Auto Show as it's more formally known), which starts January 14th, just a few days after CES closes up.

"We will truly be able to converse with our AI devices", Rohrbaugh said while envisioning where smart speaker technology was heading.

"We expect a further deluge of pseudo-artificial intelligence devices at CES 2018, continuing the theme of faintly ridiculous products such as the "intelligent" toothbrush that emerged at last year's show", he added.

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The rollable form factor of the new prototype device could be useful in making the television easier to store and to transport. Alexa can also be used to play music while you cook, keep to-do and shipping lists, and order groceries with your voice.

The UN estimates that 60 percent of the world's population will live in urban ares by 2030. We also saw Amazon's Echo range given a new lick of (technological) paint - definitely symptomatic of a big rejuvenation of the smart home industry.

While the United States is focused on transportation (specifically self-driving cars, less so public transit) countries in Europe are more concerned with things like energy conservation, says Koenig. They could be used the aid performance, help injury recovery or to give real-time updates on an athlete's performance during a big game. eSports will also have a presence in the sports section.

Thanks to Alexa's unparalleled triumph as the go-to user-friendly AI for third parties, featuring in everything from cars, fridges, smartphones and smart TVs to washing machines speakers from other companies, other companies aren't as interested in creating rival AIs as they are developing products to take advantage of the existing ones. One category to see is cellular service robots, which may manage deliveries and other straightforward tasks.

Genuinely innovative gadgets that are destined for mass adoption are the exception, not the rule at CES.

Of course, some of us use more than one.