Slain rebels martyrs: PDP leader

Slain rebels martyrs: PDP leader

Amid ruckus in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly over the killing of a civilian and alleged human rights violations, PDP MLA Aijaz Ahmed Mir on Thursday said that killing of both, the terrorists and the security forces, is "sad".

Urging special interlocuter appointed by the Modi Government to include militant groups and Hurriyat in the peace talks, the PDP leader denounced glorification of deaths of militants by certain groups. "It is our collective failure", said the lawmaker.

"Militants who are from Kashmir and get killed are martyrs, they are our brothers, and some of them are minors who don't even know what they are doing", Mir told the reporters in Jammu and Kashmir outside the state Assembly. Stating that he considers "slain militants as martyrs" the PDP MLA said, "Jo Kashmir ke hein, chahey kisi bhi halat mein marein, woh martyr hein". "How can they be someone's brother?" It is glorifying terrorism, you are playing with fire.Go and ask families of those who lost people to terror in the past 30 years. Almost one lakh people have been killed due to militancy in all these years.

The PDP MLA's latest statement came a day after he asked the legislators in the Jammu and Kashmir assembly to not express happiness over the killings of Kashmiri militants.

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His comments, however, drew a sharp reaction from BJP which is in alliance with PDP in the state.

In Delhi, BJP Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said militants and separatists could not be brothers.

In a statement, Sethi said such "utterances by the PDP MLA are absolutely intolerable and nobody in the political mainstream can be given liberty to cross line of nationalism".

The lawmaker himself an attempt on his life three months ago, when militants had thrown a grenade at his home. "This is rubbing salt into the wounds of relatives of those killed in Pakistan-sponsored terror".