Shilpa cries after Akash gets evicted

Shilpa cries after Akash gets evicted

He has evolved as a person throughout his journey in the show and is probably the only nonjudgmental person in Bigg Boss House. People can see how she is in real life on Bigg Boss'. Bigg Boss wishes Hina, Vikas, Shilpa and Puneesh all the best for making it to the top four.

The current season of Salman Khan's Bigg Boss has truly lived up to the hype with the fights, friendships, planning, and, HOW can we forget the task given to the contestants? Saumya Tandon aka Gori Mem in an interview with Bombay Times revealed what she feels about former co-star Shilpa and also about Bigg Boss.

We had seen Bani J in the last season of Bigg Boss. Hina shares that she had a small argument with Shilpa when she was going for her bath and is describing the situation where Shilpa behaved very weirdly with her. Hina can be seen talking - "It was so i was like ki ye [Shilpa] pagal-wagal kar kya rahi hai!". Akash was definitely an entertainer in the house and outside, too.

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Hina cries and asks Shilpa not to do this.

But since Shila Shinde and Puneesh Sharma are bowing down to him, how can he let go Hina Khan get away? Arshi and Shilpa talk about Akash while Vikas listens to them standing in the kitchen.

Is Hina Khan losing her charm inside the house? Hina and Vikas both were called in the confession room by Bigg Boss and were slammed for their indecent behaviour. She is just playing for herself in the show. As humans all of us have our positive and negative sides, but Shilpa has not shown her negative side at all; which means even when she is sleeping she is thinking. There are people who are closely monitoring the hourly progress of the votes. She is least complicated and manipulative and has played an honest game. I want to come out with good songs. She entered the house along with Vikas Gupta, the programming head of &TV and made her rivalry with him much evident in front of the host of the show Salman Khan.