Republicans 'do not recall' Trump's alleged Africa slur

Republicans 'do not recall' Trump's alleged Africa slur

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer infamously told her to stop shaking her head in a press briefing a year ago when she seemed unimpressed with his answer about how the White House was going to improve its image.

"The president has made an agreement more hard with his blatantly racist comments that appeal to the vilest and darkest instincts on immigration issue", said Sen.

Sens. Jeff Flake R-Ariz. and Dick Durbin D-Ill.

Mr Durbin added, "When the question was asked about Haitians. he said, 'Haitians?"

Former Haitian President Laurent Lamothe said the "world is witnessing a new low today" and called the USA leader's remarks "totally unacceptable!"

Trump took particular issue with the characterization of his comments on Haiti.

But Trump tweeted Friday that he never said "anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country".

The remarks leaked out, transforming a debate about saving from deportation some 700,000 young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children into another drama about Trump himself. "Never said 'take them out'".

U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger, a Republican from Charlotte, went on WBT Friday morning to defend Trump's remarks and did so with incredibly twisted logic.

"And when I mentioned that fact to him, he said, 'Haitians? Probably should record future meeting - unfortunately no trust".

"There were two of us against 10 people in the room", Durbin said of him and Graham.

Yesterday, she heard her president vilely refer to her home as a "s--hole country", Bell said, "and it is upsetting to her". "I've always believed that America is an idea, not defined by its people but by its ideals", Graham said in the statement, as Talking Points Memo reports.

"President Trump denies using that language". She said Trump's alleged comments were "completely unacceptable", telling WPLG-TV in Miami, "If that's not racism, I don't know how you can define it".

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"And for all of those people out there that are enamored with Trump's behavior and think this is no big deal, well shame on them". "He's president of the United States". It's not how a president should behave.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said the vulgar language was "very unfortunate, unhelpful". Day, which is Monday.

During the ceremony, Trump called Martin Luther King Jr. a "great American hero".

Jeffress also said he was "grateful" to have Trump as president and thanked him for the "courage" to protect the U.S.

Last year, Trump scrapped the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme that protected the immigrants, and set a deadline of March 5 for Congress to legislate a fix.

The comments angered IL state Sen.

While some congressional Republicans from NY unequivocally criticized Trump, others have taken his vague semi-denials at face value.

Part of the proposal, according to Durbin, dealt with the diversity visa lottery, a program the president wants to eliminate. Her parents emigrated to the USA from Haiti.

One of the nation's largest political parties, the Frente Farabundo Marti para la Liberacion Nacional (FMLN), also released a statement saying they were offended and aggravated by Trump's "racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Salvadoran and anti-American" language. Three people briefed on the conversation described the language.

Trump made the remark Thursday during a White House meeting after senators discussed revamping immigration rules. And that it revealed a wrong-headed, illogical approach to immigration policy.

Former adviser to Jeb Bush's presidential campaign Michael Steele told Meet the Press it was a "borderline racist, stupid comment".

United Nations official Rupert Colville added "These are shocking and shameful comments from the President of the United States".