LG Pay Coming to USA by June

LG Pay Coming to USA by June

However, LG Pay, or LG Wallet, or whatever it ends up finally titled, may have the same drawback. Further evidence just popped up in an alleged leak on LG's own site, in which the "Future LG G7" was apparently named in a page discussing Quick Charge.

LG confirmed the news, saying that LG Pay will first launch with the company's next flagship smartphone, which is rumored to be announced in March and launch in April. Google Pay will also be able to fill in your payment details if you use Chrome. In addition to the regular NFC method, it uses Magnetic Secure Transmission or MST, a technology it acquired from LoopPay. This means, like Samsung Pay, LG Pay will be compatible with every retailer that can swipe a credit card.

Last June, LG launched its mobile payment system in South Korea.

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The report may be accurate on the LG Wallet name. Google Pay essentially aspires to bring all of Google's mobile payments - beginning with Android Pay and Google Wallet - efforts under one roof. Google's Tez is different from Paytm in that you can't store money in the app. News of a potential rebranding first came out earlier this month when Android Police caught that LG briefly uploaded a LG Wallet app to the U.S. Google Play Store. Similar to Samsung Pay, LG Pay will work with NFC and with a magnetic component. While CES was ongoing half a world away, over at Korea LG revealed its plans to bring its existing LG Pay system to the United States by the middle of 2018 but with a confusing name change.

LG will be bringing its payment system to the G7 and V40 premium phones in the US. Apart from using NFC, LG Pay also uses Wireless Magnetic Communication (WMC) technology that lets you use it at payment terminals that have not been updated for modern times.