Donald Trump denies derogatory country remarks

Donald Trump denies derogatory country remarks

David Perdue (R-GA) - who, like Trump, have advocated for not only ending illegal immigration but also reducing legal immigration to raise Americans' wages - said in a joint statement that they "do not recall" the president making the statements. In a statement, White House spokesman Raj Shah said Trump is "fighting for permanent solutions that make our country stronger by welcoming those who can contribute to our society, grow our economy and assimilate into our great nation".

"If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency", Bornstein wrote. Social media users across the continent posted images of modern skylines and attractive nature from their countries with the hashtag "shithole". "I would tell him before he talks, he needs to think before he says something", he said.

Meanwhile, Kathinka Froystad addressed the President directly, saying: "Dear Mr President, I am glad you enjoyed meeting my prime minister, but I am quite happy where I am and would not even dream of settling down in the United States during your s***hole, racist and misogynist regime". Later in the morning (Jan. 12), he deflected the blame, tweeting: "Never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country".

But they also thanked those Americans "from all walks of life who have condemned the remarks". Jessie Duarte of South Africa's ruling ANC said on Friday: "Ours is not a s***hole country and neither is Haiti or any other country in distress". He stressed the USA was "much stronger than the sum total of one man".

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power addresses media in December 2016.

But he added that the words attributed to him were "not the language used".

Prominent Kenyan commentator Patrick Gathara, told AFP that Trump's words were nothing new from a "racist and ignorant" administration, nor from the West at large.

Trump will QUIT nuclear deal unless flaws are fixed — IRAN'S LAST CHANCE
So far, the deal has helped defuse the Iranian nuclear crisis and bolstered the global non-proliferation regime. At the same time the USA imposed fresh sanctions on 14 individuals and entities over alleged rights abuses.

USA diplomats serving in Haiti and African countries have been briefed to convey Washington's respect if they are summoned to explain President Donald Trump's alleged insults. "We have consistently been portrayed as sh**ty people from sh**ty countries".

El Salvador, also facing an end to protected status for its 200,000 citizens living in the United States, sent a formal letter of protest to the USA government over the comments.

Perry said she believed presidents should be subject to a raft of tests to establish they are fit to serve. "Why are we even talking about locker-room comments from 11 years ago when there are so many important issues at hand?" asked Minnesota state Sen.

Some Nigerians did not hold back, with many on Twitter saying their country was a "shithole", but that it was "our shithole" to criticise.

Durbin, the Senate's No. 2 Democrat, explained that as part of that deal being hammered out by a bipartisan group of Senators, a lottery for visas that has benefited people from Africa and other nations would be ended, the sources said, though there could be another way for them to apply.

Stephen Colbert's "Late Show" monologue also took on Trump's latest controversy.

The group's mission in Washington DC expressed its "shock, dismay and outrage" and said the Trump administration misunderstood Africans.