Destiny 2 loot, microtransactions, and more to be overhauled

Destiny 2 loot, microtransactions, and more to be overhauled

Christopher Barrett, says "We recognize that the scales are tipped too far towards Tess at the moment, and Eververse was never meant to be a substitute for end game content and rewards". These include mods featuring Raid-specific perks, an adjustment to make sure Raid items drop with each major encounter.

When it comes to Eververse, more new cosmetics will come from activities, meaning some Ghosts, Sparrows, and ships will be put in reward pools. A new Ghost with Raid-specific perks will also be added. These will soon be unlocked through activity rewards rather than "Bright Engrams" collected for levelling up.

Bungie made an incredibly detailed outline for changes to Destiny 2, as well as some clarifications to misunderstandings, and a seasonal update for future goals, with their latest developer update.

After months of criticism and anger from the community, Bungie has finally addressed Destiny 2's microtransaction problem. "We also have plans for Clan and Community High Scores in the works".

There will now be a more clear gameplay path towards earning bright engrams and players will be able to earn double the engrams upon leveling up when the Crimson Days event begins next year. This will be a whole new way of how mods work for all items like armor and weapons. Bungie is aiming for a February release, but the scope of the rework could push parts or all of it out to Spring 2018.

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It also sounds like Bungie is taking some extra development time on the game's second paid expansion - which could indicate a delay - after lukewarm response to December's Curse of Osiris. Since mods are now in Bright Engrams, Bungie are tuning this rework to avoid pay-to-win. Interestingly, the PC version of Destiny 2 will also get text chat in the Tower hub at this time. In addition to expressing outrage over Bungie altering experience gains for players without notice, the more dedicated players found that the Eververse-the in-game microtransaction store-featured many items that were otherwise hard to find on your own.

You won't need to have purchased any of Destiny 2's expansions to access this content, granting you neat bonuses without dishing out extra dough.

Eververse is, unsurprisingly, not going anywhere - but it should hopefully dominate the game a little less as its main focus of rewards.

The developer has kicked off 2018 with a big list of improvements: some expected additions, some returning Destiny 1 features, and a couple of genuine surprises. Masterwork Armor and Masterwork Exotics will probably be the most game-changing ones because they make your weapons and armor stronger. We don't believe just adding more space is a complete solution and are actively working on other changes to reduce load on your vault space.

We'll be introducing modifiers to add more gameplay variety to the experience.