Android Laptop/Phone Hybrid Concept

Android Laptop/Phone Hybrid Concept

Well, there hasn't been a better time to try than in this day and age, when 8GB RAM is about to become the mobile industry standard, and the Snapdragon 835 processor is already powering "always-connected" Windows 10 S notebooks. However, unlike similar dock concepts, Project Linda turns the phone into an interactive touch pad. The company feels that the new hybrid laptop concept will being a new era of mobile personal computing.

The Razer Project Linda concept is an ultraportable laptop, powered by a docked Razer Android smartphone that also serves as the touchpad. You also use the phone's fingerprint sensor to authenticate and even the dual front-facing speakers because the laptop has no built-in speakers. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week the company introduced Project Linda, a shell of a laptop powered by the company's smartphone. Now, with Razer more fully integrating the actual touchscreen of the phone as a touchpad for the laptop and a second screen, it could be a sign that these smartphone/laptop hybrids are on their way to showing real promise for enterprise users. To use it, you drop your Razer smartphone into the gap, and press a button in the upper-right of the laptop's keyboard.

Having said that, Project Linda also comes with 200 GB of storage and 53.6 Wh of internal battery that charges the Razer Phone when docked. Connectivity afforded via Project Linda includes a built in 3.5-millimeter audio jack, a USB-A port, a USB-C charging port, 720p webcam, and a dual-array microphone, giving a range of options for communication and external devices.

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Designed for mobility, the unibody CNC aluminum chassis of Razer Project Linda is just 0.59-inch (15 mm) thin and weighs under three pounds (1.25 kg) including the docked phone.

When Razer announced their introduction into the mobile market, it was an impressive debut to the surprise of many.

The triple-headed snake trademark of Razer is one of the most recognized logos in the global gaming and esports communities. However, the Project Linda laptop is still in the prototype stage, and it could take a while to be launched as a final product.