Syria regime reclaims key town for securing route to Aleppo

Syria regime reclaims key town for securing route to Aleppo

Israeli authorities have not commented on the reports.

In addition to Arabs, extremist groups fighting in Syria include thousands of Asians, including many from central Asian states and members of the Muslim Uighur ethnic minority of China's Xinjiang province. There is a US-Russian agreement arranged by President Vladimir Putin that Hezbollah and Iranian backed forces will not approach within 25 miles of the Israeli-Syrian front line in the Golan.

It noted that the Israelis used surface-to-surface missiles and warplanes carry out strikes against Syrian soil.

The pro-government forces also want to secure the Damascus-Aleppo road that cuts through Idlib, which was captured by rebels in 2015.

Idlib province, on the border with Turkey, is one of the last major strongholds of the forces opposing President Bashar al-Assad.

Either regime or Russian aircraft were responsible for the raids, the most deadly of which killed 13 civilians including seven children in the Hammuriyeh district of Eastern Ghouta, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

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Some 200 Syrian government troops thought to have been trapped in a vehicle base in the eastern Ghouta area town of Harasta were reportedly freed.

The Syrian army statement described the attack as a "flagrant Israeli aggression" and renewed its warning of the unsafe repercussions of such attacks, holding Israel "fully responsible for its consequences".

More than 90 civilians were killed and over 200 others injured in attacks in de-escalation zones in Idlib in the past three weeks.

According to the Al-Ekhbariya TV network, one of the missiles hit a military facility and caused damage, but no casualties were reported.

Ten of the assault drones were directed toward the Hmeimim airbase in northwestern Syria, the NYT said.

The letter claims that the "repeated and recurring" attacks on Syria prove the "Israeli Occupation Army's" hostile and risky route with its constant attempts to undermine the region's stability and entangle Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime.