Dallas County Reports Five New Flu-Related Deaths, Total Now at 23

Dallas County Reports Five New Flu-Related Deaths, Total Now at 23

Penny Borenstein, county health officer, in a news release about the first confirmed death.

Since flu season began in October, there have been 529 reported cases in York County. The review included people over the age of 65, McDowell said.

At Cone Health Hospitals - doctors are seeing higher numbers of flu patients every week. A Houston doctor said local hospital beds were at capacity, telling flu sufferers they might be better off staying at home. "If one person has (the flu) they touch a doorknob, I touch a doorknob".

Palomar Health Thursday announced that it will distribute its 150 remaining flu shots for free.

Hospitals report the cases they are seeing are mostly Influenza A. St. Luke's Hospital in Cedar Rapids reports the flu season seems to be peaking about a month compared to past years.

The Iowa Department of Public Health now says 25 percent of all flu tests last week came back positive for Influenza. "We will know better in the next couple of weeks".

The emergency room at Maricopa Medical Center is overrun with patients.

"At this moment, they are coming in just as quick as they were in December when flu season hit full swing", said Eric Schneider, epidemiologist with the Hays County health department, which had seen only 30 cases of the flu at this time previous year.

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Dr Paul Twomey, medical director for NHS Yorkshire and the Humber, said: "It's not too late to get your flu vaccination".

HISD reported 16 students with flu-like symptoms this year, but only one has been confirmed as the flu.

Although flu hospitalizations can climb much higher, there have been two years in the past five where the number for the entire flu season was actually lower.

Children and the elderly are also not spared from the flu season. "And so for patients that have milder to more moderate symptoms, we strongly encourage them to see a primary care physician, go to an urgent care clinic, even a free-standing emergency room".

Luz De Jesus from York City has never had the flu, but she got the shot from Family First Health to prevent it.

"After the holiday season, it can be particularly hard to find influenza vaccine" said Dusty Warden, outreach coordinator for Immunize El Paso.

With influenza A (H3N2) infection reaching epidemic levels, the Ontario government should be commended for its decision to offer seniors an enhanced vaccine to help improve protection next flu season.