Texas Mom Arrested After Faking Son's Illness, Including 13 Surgeries

Texas Mom Arrested After Faking Son's Illness, Including 13 Surgeries

The latest and final straw was last month, when Kaylene Bowen-Wright, 34 years old, brought her son Christopher to a hospital in Dallas, claiming that he had a seizure, USA Today reports.

Child Protective Services says her son Christopher was seen 323 times at hospitals and pediatric centers in Dallas and Houston and underwent 13 major surgeries between 2009 and 2016.

Bowen-Wright had him placed in hospice care at one time, and even tried to get him on the lung transplant list, the Star-Telegram of Fort Worth reports.

However, doctors discovered that Christopher was not actually sick.

Medical staff at a Dallas hospital alerted authorities to Bowen after determining her son didn't have cancer or numerous symptoms she had alleged, according to the Telegraph.

"It's disgusting for my son, or any kid because obviously my son is not the only one that has had to go through this type of torture", said Crawford, who was banned by a 2012 court order from seeing his son because he refused to believe the mother's unfounded claims. But after the CPS found out that it had all been for nothing, they placed Christopher and his two siblings in foster care. But in 2015, Dr. Michelle Thomas reached out to CPS in a letter stating that Bowen may have been exposing Christopher to medical child abuse.

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Dallas police said the child was admitted to the hospital after his mother's arrest, where doctors noted that he ate regularly, had no seizures and no need for a feeding tube, oxygen or an IV.

According to him, Ms Bowen would tearfully tell judges: "The father doesn't need to be around because he doesn't know to take care of him".

"It makes me feel as if the system wants to believe the mother all the time in situations, when the father is there fighting", Crawford vented.
Over time, he says her claims about Christopher's medical problems became more and more outlandish.

"How do you do 13 surgeries?" "The judge stated that I needed to accept that my son was dying and I said, "No, I'm not going to accept that my son was dying" and she took away from my visitation". "How do you do 13 surgeries and not question the fifth surgery?"

Bowen-Wright's behavior could be related to a disorder known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a mental health issue in which a caregiver invents or causes an illness.

Bowen's mother was charged with injury to a child with serious bodily injury and she is being held in Dallas County Jail.