This year's YouTube Rewind video is quite the ride

This year's YouTube Rewind video is quite the ride

Mick Konstantin's tribute to UFC champion Conor McGregor ahead of his ill-fated fight with Floyd Mayweather was Ireland's most-watched video of 2017. The show, called The Mask Singer, requires performers to wear elaborate masks to hide their identities. The man in the mask sings "Until We Will Become Dust", which starts out as a ballad and eventually breaks into a rap.

Latino artists' popularity on YouTube is proof that they are massively popular in worldwide markets, even if they continue to face barriers to entry in mainstream music in the U.S. What's more, it points to the fact that Latino listeners have been shaping global pop music trends for some time (check pop's current obsession with dembow-lite riddims for proof).

The 24-year-old teacher wrote and performed the simple track which quickly went viral.

Well, Ed Sheeran is the big victor by taking positions one and five on the top 10 music video list.

Airlines moving to ban 'smart' luggage over fire concerns
Smart luggage bags have features like USB ports that can be used to charge phones or laptops, motors, and tracking systems. American Airlines announced its ban on December 1, and other airlines have followed, including Alaska Airlines and Delta.

This video documenting Dude Perfect's elaborate - and mesmerizing - ping pong trick shot is the group's second most popular video to date. It was so good it got her the Golden Buzzer treatment, sending her straight to the live shows. It was watched just over one billion times.

- Lady Gaga's Super Bowl LI halftime performance.

From the same channel that overdubbed scenes from movies like Twilight and Star Wars comes this comedic and fictitious lip reading of President Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony. It's basically years of science and social studies classes compressed into 20 minutes and translated for the internet era.

This mini-film about a boy who follows his heart is the first animated short to make the list since 2011. It has already garnered over 2.21 crore views at the time of writing this story. The video is titled "YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017". No surprise here: "Despacito" took the crown. On December 6, YouTube released a video celebrating videos, people, music and memes that made 2017. See the top 10 below.