Former Giants star hits back at 'ridiculous' flag football rant

Former Giants star hits back at 'ridiculous' flag football rant

One of those players is Steelers' safety Mike Mitchell, who gave heated remarks to reporters about the discipline handed over by the National Football League this weekend.

Mitchell's frustration likely stems from the one-game suspension handed down to Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster for his hit on Bengals linebacker/cheap-shot artist Vontze Burfict.

Umenyiora made waves with a tweet earlier this week seemingly directed at Pittsburgh safety Mike Mitchell, who popped off against the NFL's attempts to make the game safer.

Let the debate begin. If you don't know me and you've never had a conversation with me, don't judge us on what you see in football, because football's my competitive side. I feel like I've got to ask a guy, 'Hey, are you ready for me to hit you right now before I hit you?

On Wednesday, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said he didn't think Smith-Schuster deserved the suspension. I don't know. Is he just trying to fix his karma or what?

"This is football. If you want to see flag football then let's take our pads off". I was aiming for his gut, but if he don't dive, he don't get hit in the head.

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The Steelers' current NFLPA rep, left guard Ramon Foster, said that if players want to see changes in Goodell's power over player discipline, they're going to have to be willing to sacrifice for it with a players strike. Some players have been fined, some have been suspended, some are still in concussion protocol. "We're always the last line of defense on bang-bang plays".

"I got [expletives] like Matt Hasselbeck calling me a dirty player and trying my character, and we've never met before", he told reporters Wednesday. Does Mike Mitchell make a good point? We're playing at full speed.

Lewis goes on to make a freaky point about women's MMA, but then says that forcing defenders to give opponents time to make a football move is "not football". "It's for grown men". You know what I'm saying? Except the Hasselbeck thing anyway - he was mad that Hasselbeck said his hit on Alex Smith was dirty, but the league did fine Mitchell nearly $50,000 for the hit and Smith was pretty mad about it. According to the New York Times' Ken Belson, the deal is worth up to $200 million if Goodell meets financial goals and incentives. "Make that make sense", said Mitchell of the 2015 play.

"Obviously, everybody from fans to owners to players are all disappointed in Roger Goodell". "We've got to get better leadership as who's running the league". There needs to be a set guideline on how you do what you do. There's no way I see two people get post-play infractions that don't have to do with football and you get the same suspension as the guy who's making a football play in a football game.

"I don't like to compare players and suspensions, things like that, but if you look at what Gronk did and what JuJu did and they got the same suspension - I don't know if that's necessarily fair", Roethlisberger said.