Bigg Boss 11, Day 66 HIghlights: Akash forcefully kisses Shilpa Shinde

Bigg Boss 11, Day 66 HIghlights: Akash forcefully kisses Shilpa Shinde

Arshi Khan, one of the most popular contestants of the Bigg Boss house, has been crowned the new captain of the house.

Later, Arshi is seen seeking help from Vikas as she wants to be the captain of the house.

Stay tuned for more updates on Bigg Boss 11 right here. Puneesh tells Vikas and Hiten that Shilpa has taken immunity for him from Priyank. In a video which is now viral on the internet, Akash is forcibly kissing Shilpa near her lips. Yes! Hiten gets mad at him and retaliates. Shilpa joined in the discussion and asked Akash to have some respect which only added fuel to the fire. Akash told her that even Hiten had been calling him 'loser and he had not responded to it. Akash then forced a kiss on her and she responded, "Maar khaega!" Puneesh was Priyank's baby sitter and Arshi Khan was Shilpa's baby sitter. Akash forcefully kisses Shilpa. Vikas gets eliminated from the task.

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It will finally be revealed how Arshi became the captain of the house, but she should be lauded for her efforts and being steadfast about her own self in the task.

Hina Khan and Arshi Khan express their wish to become the captain of the house after Vikas Gupta. Vikas can't turn down the request, as Luv is carrying Vikas's doll.

Arshi later asked Hiten if Vikas supported anyone. But then the preview drops enough hints that Hiten might have changed sides, and if that's true, Arshi will become the next captain. The contestants have never been so competitive. Arshi tells Hina that Hiten wanted to make Vikas the captain. She also calls Hiten, "a spineless man". Arshi tells Luv that he is lucky that he again got saved. She asks Vikas not to double cross her. The boys go to the washroom together and Hina is mad how the boys are all acting as per Vikas's instructions. Akash, too, tells Hiten that he finds no interest in taking care of Hiten's doll and just gives up, pushing Hiten out of the race.