Firefighters Resuscitate Dog After Rescuing It From A Fire

Firefighters Resuscitate Dog After Rescuing It From A Fire

- A California dog can breathe easier after being rescued from a house fire.

A California fire department says a little white dog named Jack is recovering after firefighters rescued him from a burning home and brought him back to life. Its owner made it out of the home unscathed and observed the firefighters at work. Bakersfield firefighters desperately gave the animal oxygen as it struggled to regain consciousness.

The dog was removed from a residential structure fire in the 4600 block of Quarter Ave, according to a post on the Bakersfield Fire Department's Facebook page.

After searching inside, firefighters pulled Jack from the house and laid him in the front garden.

Moments later, he comes around and is well enough to be reunited with his owner.

The dog was transported to a veterinary hospital where he'll remain under observation for any additional complications.

Fire crew chief John Frando said the dog was pulled out of a "heavy" fire.

The special masks were distributed to every Bakersfield Fire Department (BFD) fire engine thanks to two local girl scouts, Kylie Greene and Hailey Amos, who raised the money for the equipment as part of their efforts to earn their silver badges.